Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media marketing allows your company to create a real online fan club based on factors like brand awareness, customer perceptions, and authority.

Social media marketing compares favorably with traditional means of online advertising. SMM allows the brand to both improve its image and establish bilateral communication with clients. And as various social media platforms grow in popularity, so too does social media marketing increase in effectiveness.

  • Social Media Page Creation

    Creating pages in a variety of social networks is the first step for successful social media marketing. The company’s page is its virtual representation office in the social network, and the appearance has a tremendous impact on brand image among internet users.

  • Maintaining Groups and Communities

    Maintaining a group or community in social networks allows the company to organize and target user activity. Whereas “word of mouth marketing” used to be the best way of attracting new clients, today that role is fulfilled by social media groups and communities.

  • Audience Capture

    Engaging social network followers and subscribers helps in the promotion of new web pages and in increasing the popularity of existing pages. Promoting to these followers is efficient because it provides a steady flow of interested visitors.

  • Posting

    Posting in blogs and social networks is an essential element of a successful SMM campaign. It isn’t enough to simply collect followers; brands must stimulate interest constantly with new material. Unique posts, useful content, and interesting media materials help to increase traffic, promoting overall brand awareness.

Manage Your Reputation

Social networks offer a myriad of new advertising opportunities. They can help to guide a community’s morale, tracking reviews of goods and services and staying up-to-date on the latest trends in opinions and demands. Competent marketing in social networks allows companies to improve their corporate image by guiding and expanding the customer focus.



Social networks offer an unlimited resource for brand promotion and bilateral customer communication. Mediaplans has a wide range of experience with social networks like Facebook, Twitter, VKontakte, Google+, and YouTube.



Successful social media marketing demands intense attention to detail. For each project, we carry out extensive brand analysis, determine the target audience, generate original content and strategize with relevant opinion leaders.



To ensure that the results of our work are evident and transparent, we maintain detailed statistics from each project. These numbers contain indicators of engagement with the target audience and the dynamics of positive responses.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Social Media Marketing

Q: How can SMM efficiency be evaluated?

A: The main indicator of efficiency in a social media marketing campaign is an increase in conversion rates from the targeted platform. For detailed statistics and efficient online tracking we use a set of tools that includes Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, and Klout.

Q: How does advertising in social networks influence sales?

A: A well-planned SMM campaign draws the attention of thousands of potential clients. Social networks allow brands to engage directly with users and offer a “human face” of the company. Direct responses enhance brand confidence and stimulate buying activity from clients.

Q: What is the difference between SMM and regular PR?

A: Unlike typical marketing strategies, social media marketing is oriented towards the overall improvement of the corporate image. This strategy is aimed at a long-term outlook, offering a consistent brand presence in social media platforms and providing a steady increase in loyal clients. Those clients will then provide valuable advertising as they distribute important company information to their connections.

Q: What is the cost of social media marketing?

A: The cost of a social media marketing campaign depends on a variety of factors: quantity and type of services provided, nature of goals, quantity of accounts created and managed, and the desired frequency of update. We offer flexible systems and rate plans to fit with any budget.

Q: Why should I use Mediaplans?

A: Mediaplans has a broad array of experience with brand promotion via social media. We use only proven and well-functioning techniques and strategies, and we place a special emphasis on the analysis of statistics to react quickly to audience response. Our customer-focused client interaction helps to ensure that you are happy with the end result.

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