Media Planning

Media Planning

Thorough planning of brand promotion provides a competitive edge in e-commerce, resulting in increased sales and company esteem.

Media planning helps to significantly increase the efficiency of internet advertising as a result of optimized methods and innovative ideas. A well-planned internet campaign allows a company to achieve impressive goals in a short amount of time by speaking directly to the target audience.

  • Banner Advertising

    Banner advertising represents an efficient tool for internet promotion, resulting in a significant increase in traffic ranking for the targeted site. Placement of static and dynamic company banners on popular websites and blogs leads to a notable growth in traffic after only a few days.

  • Contextual Advertising

    Contextual advertising in Google AdWords and Yandex.Direct takes advantage of the rich opportunities in popular search engines. Effective contextual advertising leads to a significant increase in traffic for the site being promoted. Because of its competitive price and high efficiency, contextual advertising is one of the most popular methods of internet promotion.

  • Geo-Contextual Advertising

    Taking advantage of the mobile GPS technology, geo-contextual advertising delivers effectively targeted messages to potential clients. Geographical restrictions allow owners of various companies to save considerably on advertising by attracting only the users that live in the near vicinity.

  • Viral Advertising

    Viral marketing in social networks, forums, and communities increases brand loyalty among clients and allows companies to save on the overall advertising campaign. Interesting content and clever ideas stimulate internet users to rapidly distribute commercials and messages.

Use Network Media Potential

Media planning is a key element for any successful advertising campaign. Our systematic approach allows companies to set specific goals, achieve challenging advertising strategies, and forecast results precisely. The skillful use of network media results in an efficient advertising campaign and considerable profit increases.



Do you want to optimize advertising expenditures while at the same time making your advertising more targeted and efficient? Our media planning service uses modern advertising techniques to produce effective PR campaigns at a low cost.



Expert media planning relies on careful brand analysis, scrupulous study of the competitive environment, and a complete profile of the target audience. The key to success for any advertising campaign is the exact determination of the best marketing methods and frequency of use.



The clearest indicator of a marketing campaign’s efficiency is a substantial increase in overall profit. Precise media planning increases profit because of optimization of expenses and the replacement of pre-existing advertising strategies with more efficient ones.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Media Planning

Q: What is the target audience of the media planning service?

A: Our clients include a variety of brands and companies interested in enhancing their PR strategies. Mediaplans is highly sought-after by companies looking to optimize advertising expenses and increase overall marketing efficiency.

Q: What stages are included in the development of the media plan?

A: Our media planning begins with an assessment of the brand’s market position, target audience, and competition. The development of the plan is done with full consultation from company leaders, and results are presented in a formal evaluation of statistics and customer response.

Q: What materials are required for media plan development?

A: To create a high-quality media plan, we require all available information on the company’s specific features and range of goods and services. Reports on competitive companies will allow us to anticipate potential issues with the media plan and respond quickly.

Q: What is the cost of media planning?

A: Because of the vast range of tasks involved in media planning, we do not have a rigid rate schedule. The cost of each new project is estimated on an individual basis, and we apply a flexible policy that provides our clients with professional media planning regardless of their budget.

Q: Why should I use Mediaplans?

A: Our team unites experts on internet media tools with professional marketing specialists. Combining a strong creative base with substantial development experience, we offer our clients the best media strategy to increase the efficiency of advertising campaigns and overall brand profitability.

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