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A comprehensive marketing strategy and efficient search engine optimization are like jet engines that propel your internet campaigns to stronger performances.

Search engine optimization is a key element of any successful internet project, as it transforms the text content of a site into a powerful marketing tool. The tactical promotion of keywords is able to provide a many-fold increase in your site’s search results, making it a sustainable source of income for the owner.

  • Site Audit

    Our site audit provides a comprehensive review of web resources intended for detecting problems and errors, which hinder the site’s promotion. An all-around audit is similar to the eye of an experienced coach, enhancing the efficiency of exercises and boosting overall performance.

  • Website Optimization

    Website optimization is the most efficient method of improving search results, as it adapts the structure and content of the website to match the operating algorithms of search engines like Google and Yandex. Effective search engine optimization greatly increases a site’s visibility and traffic.

  • Copywriting

    Copywriting offers the best solution for the task of displaying text on the website, as it displays the product or service in an attractive light and offers valuable information to visitors. High-quality content generates interest and confidence among users leading to increased popularity and sales growth.

  • Site Promotion

    Higher rankings in Google and Yandex search results leads to an increase in the site’s prestige, trustworthiness, and value. Our promotional strategies place sites in top search engine positions, ensuring a steady flow of visitors and improved conversion rates.

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The first step of our work together is to build a relationship of trust with the customer and provide a solution tailored to the customer’s needs. Every stage of our work is completely transparent, so the customer always has access to the project and is able to offer consistent feedback.



Do you want to increase profits and popularity for your internet business? Mediaplans’ experience in site creation and promotion will help you meet even your most ambitious goals. Our search engine optimization experts will place your site at the top of Google and Yandex results.



Our efficient site promotion is based on a virtuosic understanding of the operating algorithms of search engines, consumer psychology, and keyword optimization. We offer our clients unique marketing strategies that provide a great competitive advantage.



Mediaplans’ high performance can be found in both objective and subjective results. Comprehensive optimization and creative marketing solutions will result in a rapid increase in conversion rates and web sales. The client’s reputation and prestige will increase accordingly, leading to expanded opportunities in the future.

Janis Gilis
Janis Gilis

Thanks to Mediaplans, our site reached top positions in Google and Yandex search results. This allowed us to increase traffic and attract many new clients, especially from Russia. We are fully satisfied with our collaboration and the achieved results. We recommend Mediaplans to other companies that value professionalism, a transparent working process, and guaranteed results.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Search Engine Optimization

Q: What is Search Engine Optimization?

A: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a method of website marketing that efficiently uses written content to improve the site’s position in search engine results. The main goal of SEO is to increase a site’s visibility and value.

Q: What do audit and optimization add to a site?

A: A site audit helps to detect errors that may hinder the site’s rankings in search engine results. Optimization increases the site’s conversion rate and overall sales by increasing the efficiency of the site’s written content.

Q: What is the difference between natural promotion and tools like Google AdWords?

A: The difference between the natural promotion provided by SEO and the promotion provided by Google AdWords and Yandex.Direct is in the consumer’s perception. While AdWords and Yandex.Direct place a site at the top of search results, the positioning is associated with high-pressure advertising and a lack of trustworthiness. Efficient natural promotion has proven to be more cost-effective than purchasing advertising blocks like Google AdWords.

Q: How long will it take for my site to appear among the top Google and Yandex search results?

A: The time needed to reach top positions in search engine results is not consistent and depends on a number of factors, including the subject of the site, the month in which it was created, and the level of competition in the industry segment. On average, effective SEO will lead to top results in three to six months. However, improved results are visible after only two weeks.

Q: How can PageRank and TIC be increased?

A: A site’s PageRank depends on the number of external links referring back to the site; it can be increased by citations found in blog posts, social media, and forums. TIC is influenced by the quality of the site’s optimization; sensible structure and compelling content will increase a site’s TIC standing without a substantial financial investment.

Q: What is the cost of site promotion?

A: The cost of site promotion varies depending on a number of factors: the quality and frequency of desired search requests, geographic area, industry competitiveness, and size of site. Each project is evaluated on an individual basis.

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