Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Effective emailing of advertising and information messages is a full-scale attack to help a brand win the market.

Email marketing represents one of the simplest and most efficient methods of internet promotion. Mass mailing with interesting content and compelling messages makes customers available of offers, stimulates interest in the brand, and increases the likelihood of repeat sales.

  • Email Marketing Systems

    Intelligent automation of email marketing is a reliable and efficient alternative to manual mailing. We perform installation and adjustment of email marketing systems on the basis of OpenEMM using the capacities of our servers or the client’s services.

  • Development of Advertising Message

    Advertising and information messages must be interesting and useful to the customer. Our high-quality advertising emails will be attractive and interesting to stimulate customer action.

  • Landing Pages

    Landing pages are your virtual retail assistants, presenting a product to visitors and encouraging their transition into buyers. The creation of effective landing pages requires a complete understanding of consumer psychology and the ability to show goods to their best advantage.

  • Mass Mailing

    The regular mailing of messages becomes a powerful promotional tool only when employed with strict observance to a number of rules and strategies. With our informed selection of email frequency, target audience, and email content, your mass mailings are certain to receive a positive response.

  • Data Analysis

    Analyze the efficiency of mailings to reveal mistakes, improve communication with users, and increase the number of responses. Our comprehensive analysis of user activity allows us to adjust email marketing schemes to the reaction of users and fine-tune successful approaches.

Email Outsourcing

By entrusting our experts with the administration of your mailing, you’ll gain a competitive advantage in the form of modern tools and top professionalism. Mediaplans’ wide experience allows us to guarantee an increase in traffic volumes.



Do you want to organize consistent communication with your customers? Our specialists in email marketing will ensure target-achieving advertising and info mailings, leading to a positive reaction from users and an increase in loyal consumers.



The organization of efficient email marketing is a complex procedure involving company analysis, strategy development, and the creation of a brand’s email identity. Well-developed techniques allow us to achieve a high share of responses in the shortest possible time.



Well-developed email marketing can surpass even contextual and banner advertising in terms of efficiency. Well-organized advertising and newsletter mailing leads to a sharp growth of traffic and a significant increase in orders within days.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Email Marketing

Q: What is the difference between mass mailings and spam?

A: Unlike spam, email marketing targets only the company’s client base and communicates only with interested users. Email marketing does not do damage to the brand’s reputation; instead, it serves to increase recognition and promote repeat sales.

Q: What are the special features of an email marketing system?

A: Electronic mailing systems automate a number of routine procedures for mailing information and advertising messages. They possess a rich set of tools and a number of customizable settings. Using an electronic mailing system saves time considerably and also helps to exclude the mistakes that arise in manual mailing.

Q: What are the advantages of email marketing compared to other promotional strategies?

A: The volume of data that can be sent via email still substantially exceeds that of popular social networks like Facebook or Twitter. The costs associated with email marketing are much lower than full-scale social media marketing campaigns, and the effects are as good if not better.

Q: How much will email marketing cost?

A: The cost of an email marketing program depends on a set of factors, including the duration and frequency of mailings, type of messages, and complexity of models used. For regular customers we offer cumulative discounts.

Q: Why should I use Mediaplans?

A: In choosing Mediaplans, you are choosing a company with extensive knowledge and rich experience. We attentively monitor market trends, periodically introduce new strategies, and constantly improve analytical tools. We can guarantee a high return on investment and the full safety of your brand’s reputation.

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