Contextual Advertising

Contextual Advertising

Internet advertising is an important tool of modern business helping millions around the world to discover new goods and services.

Internet advertising provides the most efficient solution for the distribution of information. Compelling advertising will bring a substantial number of new visitors to a website in a short amount of time, increasing conversion rates and sales numbers. Search engine advertising represents one of the most innovative tools for solving marketing tasks.

  • Advertising on Google Ads

    Google Ads represents the most popular resource for fast website promotion. Search engine advertising with Google Ads is extremely efficient as it employs the users’ own search requests in determining their interests.

  • Advertising on Yandex

    Like Google Ads, Yandex.Direct offers a rapid option for advertising to a Russian-speaking segment of the internet. The audience of Yandex is comparable with that of major Russian TV networks, but the cost of advertising with Yandex. Direct is several degrees less than television advertising.

  • Mobile Advertising

    Advertising in mobile applications is one of the most up-to-date methods for promoting goods and services. As the popularity of iOS and Android mobile applications grows the income from mobile advertising increases steadily as well.

  • Advertising in Social Networks

    Advertising in social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and VKontakte is interactive and provides feedback from clients. Moreover, effective social media marketing allows companies to react sensitively to changes in current trends and to influence the opinions of consumers.

Official partner of Google Ads

Advertising agency Mediaplans is an official Google partner. In our team works best experts certified in Google Ads advertising.



We will help you to stimulate the flow of new visitors to your site and to increase your company’s overall sales. Our specialists on internet promotion will organize an efficient advertising campaign that highlights the unique aspects of your business.



The organization of a successful internet campaign demands a deep understanding of consumer psychology and thorough knowledge of analytical techniques. The analysis of statistical data allows our experts to accurately assess advertising efficiency and respond appropriately with adjusted strategies.



While we can point to statistical data to show the effectiveness of our work, the results will be evident in your conversion rates and sales numbers. Our clients experience overwhelming improvement in sales metrics.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Contextual Advertising

Q: What is the target audience of your contextual advertising service?

A: Our services are ideal for both companies with an established web presence and “offline” companies looking to attract new clients. Our expert internet advertising can help any business increase profits.

Q: How do you organize the work of your search engine advertising specialists?

A: Our experts divide their work into several stages, including: comprehensive brand analysis, target audience determination, developing strategies for promotion methods, program implementation, and analysis of results. The terms of each advertising campaign depend on a number of factors and are determined on an individual basis.

Q: What materials do your specialists need?

A: Our team will require access to any social media accounts already established by your company as well as any relevant information regarding your target audience. Detailed descriptions of products and services in addition to websites from competitors will also be helpful in developing a comprehensive strategy.

Q: What is the cost of website promotion?

A: The cost of promotion depends on the type of project, type of product or service being advertised, and the tasks needed by the client. We offer flexible rate scheduling, allowing the client to choose the best set of services to fit their budget. The quality of services does not depend on the cost of the project.

Q: Why should I use Mediaplans?

A: With extensive experience in web promotion, we know the best and most reputable methods for increasing your company’s visibility. If requested, we provide detailed information on our techniques and access to any statistics related to the project. Transparency and commitment to ethical standards are our credos.

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