Web Development

Web Development

Website development is a key factor of success for modern businesses seeking constant growth.

Web development is a complicated, multi-stage process for creating efficient tools for e-commerce. The development of websites and applications provides endless possibilities for attracting new customers and turning interesting ideas into sources of income.

  • Corporate Websites

    The development of a corporate website is aimed at the creation of a company’s virtual infrastructure with wide functionality and convenient tools for communication. We create well-designed websites on the basis of popular CMS: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Modx, 1C-Beatrix, and others.

  • Landing Pages and Promo Sites

    The development of promo sites and landing pages forms an integral part of today’s advertising campaigns. Bright, compelling landing pages elicit positive responses from buyers, forming a significant link between the brand and the consumer.

  • Web Applications

    The development of web applications allows companies to implement useful internet services without territorial restrictions, generating steady income for the application’s owners. Our company is well-versed in the development of web applications such as doc-pdf.net, to-text.net, PingMy.net, Capsulink.com, and others.

  • Web Portals, Message Boards, Social Networks

    The development of a web portal, social network, or message board is a resource-intensive task. However, the profit margin on these projects is over and above the costs if implemented with an appropriate promotion strategy. Ad placement and paid services are stable revenue generators for owners of popular forums and social networks. Ad placement and paid services are stable value generators for the owners of popular websites.

  • Website Coding

    The actual coding of a website is the critical stage for creating a site with an attractive appearance and high functionality. Our company offers various types of website and email coding: adaptive and fixed coding using (X)HTML or HTML5/CSS3.

  • Website Support

    Administration and technical support are prerequisites for a site’s proper function. Regular content update will attract new users and hold their attention. If you trust us to support your site, you will be able to focus your attention on more important issues.

Make Money From Your Ideas

Modern websites have tremendous potential for creativity, allowing you to make money from original ideas and useful concepts. Our team boasts solid experience in implementing projects ranging from small startups to popular online services with daily audiences in the thousands. We will help transform your ideas into a steady income stream.



We can help you reach your goal of a high functioning corporate website, popular social network, or useful web application. Turn your vision into a reality with Mediaplans.



We rely on experience and cutting-edge tools to create unique solutions to your needs. Mediaplans does not rely on off-the-shelf solutions; rather, we give you a competitive advantage by creating a resource that cannot be replicated.



You will see the results of our work in your traffic and ranking position. A popular website will yield a significant return even with minimal financial and time expenditures. We’ll turn your site into a booming business.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Web Development

Q: What is the target audience of your web development service?

A: This service may be of interest for business owners wishing to create a modern, functional and reputable corporate website, distinct landing page, useful Internet service or multi-purpose portal. It is oriented towards owners of current web resources wishing to increase their efficiency and meet the needs of today’s users.

Q: What stages are included in the development of a web resource?

A: Our web development starts with a brief survey in which the customer specifies their requirements and desires. We prepare a detailed statement of work including costs and length of time required to complete the project. Once approved, our designers develop the structure of the resource, followed by coding, programming, and testing. Once the site is completed, we host it and fill it with content. We provide the customer with all training and support necessary to maintain a high-functioning site.

Q: What materials are required for web development?

A: A detailed description of your requirements for the new project, information on the company’s background and services, and references to competitors will be helpful to create a beautiful, functional website.

Q: What is the approximate cost of developing a website?

A: The cost of development depends on many factors including the type of project, project complexity, and any special requirements. We offer a flexible rate plan, allowing companies to select the optimal situation for their budget.

Q: Why should I use Mediaplans?

A: With top skills and extensive experience, our team is able to work with flexibility in meeting your needs. We can guarantee a high-quality product.

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