Management Systems

Management Systems

Professional management system software helps to increase a brand’s profitability due to the automation of routine processes and optimization of work.

Management system software substantially increases the efficiency of company performance and improves client interaction. The development of management systems for enterprises and organizations moves businesses to a higher level of production, organization, and service culture.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

    A well-developed ERP system provides complete control over the distribution of material, financial, and human resources in a company. The creation of the corporate ERP system from scratch or on the basis of popular management systems will cut company expenses by 35% or more.

  • Customer Relationship Management Systems

    A CRM system facilitates client service and improves brand reputation. Our CRM solutions provide detailed statistics on client interactions, giving you an opportunity to streamline your company’s processes.

  • Learning Management Systems

    Learning management systems are highly sought-after among modern educational institutions and businesses. The modular management of electronic courses through the Moodle system allows for the organization of online training programs around the world.

  • Email Marketing Systems

    Email marketing represents an up-to-date tool of mailing management, allowing you to automate a number of routine procedures. Once we create an email marketing system with OpenEMM, you will have access to an efficient tool for advertising campaigns and client communication.

Optimize Your Management

Modern business requires fast and faultless response to market inquiries. To minimize the presence of human error, optimize workflow, and increase efficiency, successful companies introduce electronic management systems. Mediaplans is engaged in the development of top-notch management software that cuts costs and promotes sales growth.



Are you looking to optimize your company’s activities, increase your attractiveness to clients, and stimulate productivity? Management systems can achieve these goals and more. We will develop custom software according to your specific needs, helping you achieve optimum efficiency.



Guided by your needs and wishes, we develop management software from scratch using frameworks like Yii, CodeIgniter, and Symphony. We guarantee high reliability, efficiency, and user-friendly interfaces in your final product.



While the design, installation, and oversight of a management system is labor-intensive, the high expenses involved are covered immediately after implementation. Significant sales growth and decrease of operating costs are supplemented by the expansion of personnel effectiveness and enhancement of work standards.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Management Systems

Q: What is the target audience for your management system software?

A: Management system software is highly sought-after by business owners looking to enhance the quality of their client service or optimize company processes. Learning management systems are used for the organization of distance learning, employed by various educational institutions and training programs.

Q: What stages make up the development of management system software?

A: Developing management system software begins with compiling company data and determining the main requirements of the software. Our programmers develop the framework for the system and solicit client approval. Once the software is implemented, it is tested rigorously for bugs and glitches. We provide continues technical support and necessary updates for the life of the product.

Q: What information is needed for development?

A: To create efficient management systems, we require a detailed description of the company and its structure, including the various services and goods offered. If a client hopes to adapt an available platform to its needs, it is necessary to specify the desired platform or offer potential alternatives.

Q: What is the cost of management system software development?

A: Each project is evaluated on an individual basis considering the requirements of the customers and the estimated scope of the work. The final price will be quoted before beginning work; flexible rate systems and large-volume discounts are available.

Q: Why should I use Mediaplans?

A: The development of management systems requires a high level of skill and wide experience with creating similar systems. We understand the needs of our customers, guarantee a high quality product, and provide continuous tech support. Customer loyalty and trust are priorities of our work.

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