Interactive Solutions

Interactive Solutions

Interactive technologies open up new vistas for modern business due to the effective use of advanced communications.

Interactive solutions employ new forms of communication to spark user interest in a brand and improve the company’s image. Interactive solution development provides businesses with modern resources that make interactions more interesting, informative, and convenient.

  • HTML5 and Flash Games

    The development of promotional games based on HTML5 or Flash involves an adaptive approach to clients, turning passive visitors into interested users. Information presented within the context of a game makes advertising messages easier to interpret and increases the rate of positive responses.

  • Augmented Reality

    Augmented reality applications allow business to benefit from innovative solutions such as interactive tables, panels and smart glasses. The adoption of futuristic technologies gives you a substantial advantage over your competitors and improves your brand image.

  • Social Network Applications

    The development of applications for social networks is oriented at the extensive audiences of services like Facebook, VKontakte, and Draugiem.lv. Interactive applications for social networks attract more attention than standard advertising and offer users a myriad of interesting opportunities.

  • Smart TV Applications

    Interactive TV applications make the modern digital television experience more interesting, leading to wider usage. Mediaplans deals with the development of multi-function applications for Smart TV home systems like those offered by leading manufacturers Samsung, Philips, and LG.

Make Your Business Interactive

Innovative business models allow for the active involvement of clients in bilateral communication. Make your clients active participants rather than passive spectators so that they enjoy the process of working with your business. Company loyalty will increase tenfold.



Do you want to employ an interactive application that embodies an interesting concept in a modern communicative format? Our developers can create an exclusive multi-function product leading to client appreciation and brand loyalty.



Our qualified specialists draw on extensive experience in creating interactive applications; your ideas will be transformed into efficient communication algorithms. This efficient technology will ensure the high quality of products and their popularity among end users.



The effective presentation of information with state-of-the-art technology is a considerable investment in your company image. Interactive solutions in your advertising campaign will make your brand appear modern and attractive.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Interactive Solutions

Q: How will interactive solutions help with business development?

A: Interactive solutions help to expand traditional marketing opportunities by converting advertising materials into a convenient and modern format. In addition, interactive solution can be used to organize automated customer service. For example, users can obtain important information via interactive panels and projects without having to interact with human consultants.

Q: Do you develop interactive learning programs?

A: Yes, we will be happy to develop an interactive learning application, training program, or game for you. Our team is experienced in turning training material into a virtual communication system and can adapt programs to any platform or device that supports interactive dialogues.

Q: What is the cost of interactive application development?

A: Mediaplans does not employ a fixed rate schedule due to the wide variety of interactive solutions in terms of purpose, type, and complexity. We will evaluate the requirements of your project and provide a quote before beginning development. We are committed to working with you and your budget to determine an appropriate cost.

Q: What materials are needed for development?

A: In order to create a useful, informative, multi-functional interactive or augmented reality application, we need comprehensive information on the company profile, goods and services offered, as well as visual and conceptual style. Moreover, your competitive environment and target audience will be useful information for development.

Q: Why should I use Mediaplans?

A: The high qualification of our specialists and strict requirements for development organization ensure the superior quality of our products. We adopt a client-focused approach and create exclusive products, which meet customer needs by being uniquely designed and attracting end users’ attention.

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