Products and Startups

Products and Startups

Innovative projects based on uncommon concepts and clever solutions push the boundaries of e-commerce development.

Startups are an effective method for promoting interesting services and projects, turning original ideas into a consistent profit source. Starting an online startup requires highly-skilled professionals able to implement projects of any complexity.

Make the Most of Innovation

Mainly based on unconventional approaches to common problems, startups require developers to spend extra effort and employ additional creativity when compared with typical projects and online services. However, these high requirements are justified when the finished product meets users’ needs in a new and exciting way.



Do you have a brilliant idea but no idea where to start? Do you want to turn your million-dollar idea into a reality as soon as possible? Mediaplans will help make even the most unusual concepts a reality, turning them into vivid and popular products. The high qualification of our staff enables them to implement projects of any type and complexity.



Because of the multi-dimensional nature of building a startup, we don’t use any set blueprints when it comes to this service. Our flexible, fast-moving approach allows us to continually improve projects on a “simple-to-complex” basis.



Your startup will be judged based on user response, popularity, and profitability. With our creativity and lifetime technical support, we will see your project through to the end with efficiency and professionalism.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Startups

Q: We have an interesting idea but are not sure what the end product will look like. Are you able to help us implement such a “crude” concept?

A: Certainly! We don’t need a complete image of a final product to start working on a startup; that’s part of our work as well. We consider ideas at any development stage up to vague outlines and unclear sketches. A comprehensive review of your concept will enable us to define the most appropriate strategies for its implementation. We are ready to discuss even the most audacious, peculiar or unusual ideas. Contact us and we will surely find a solution.

Q: How do you organize the work on startup implementation?

A: The logic of startups differs from the structure of standard Internet projects fundamentally, so ready-made schemes are out of question here. We use an iterative approach in our work. This approach means continuous project implementation in a constantly changing environment. It allows for the quick correction of any unstable startup elements while adapting them for new conditions. Thus, the project is always under development to achieve stated objectives.

Q: Can you create an internet service that can be synchronized with different device types?

A: Yes, we complete these tasks. An Internet service may be presented as both a website and mobile versions for iOS and Android which can be synchronized automatically. This option is especially important when creating cloud services and applications with an integrated user intercommunication system.

Q: Is it possible to implement Internet services or web applications using dynamic content and/or large data volume?

A: Yes, indeed. The high qualification of our developers enables them to implement projects of any type and complexity level including ones with large amounts of data. We want to emphasize that when implementing such projects we use the most reliable methods to protect user data as well as state-of-the-art technologies to enable the high data rate.

Q: What technologies do you use when building startups?

A: Because of the variety involved with innovative projects, it’s impossible to single out any technology as standard in startup development. We make decisions based on the specific nature of the task at hand: its objectives, highlights, and application. Contact our staff to obtain a detailed assessment of your project and all respective information.

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