Mobile Solutions

Mobile Solutions

Mobile solutions help to make your brand a useful and convenient resource for the client on their smartphone or tablet.

Mobile applications for smartphones and tablets make life more comfortable. The development of mobile applications allows a company to expand it’s target audience by establishing new means of communication.

  • Android Apps

    The development of Android applications gives you the unique opportunity to offer your product to an audience of millions. Android users around the world will enjoy your idea with the help of our developers’ unique skills and experience.

  • iOS Apps

    iOS applications will enhance the prestige of your brand among owners of Apple’s high-class mobile devices. iOS applications provide a high level of income, which easily covers the expenses of development.

  • Mobile Sites

    Developing a dedicated mobile version of your company’s website allows you to increase overall traffic by tapping into the growing mobile market segment. A mobile version adapted for smaller screen resolutions and sensory input will increase project profitability by more than 30%.

  • Adaptive Applications

    The creation of an adaptive site solves the traditional problems associated with displaying a website in various formats and screen resolutions. Adaptive applications save time and money on the development of several site versions.

Make Your Business Mobile

Mobile devices have become an integral part of our everyday lives. Considering the massive role of mobile users in business strategy, effective mobile development is a prerequisite of success. User-friendly mobile applications will put you a step ahead in the severe competition for clients.



Mobile sites and applications are imperative for a company seeking to make an impact in the global marketplace. We will help you represent your ideas with style and efficiency on any smartphone or tablet device.



Our process combines several components: an original concept, user-friendly interface, optimized algorithms and concise design. We consider each of these aspects during development and include client opinions to deliver a satisfactory product.



Our applications are popular in Google Play and Apple App Stores, receiving positive comments and favorable reviews. Boost your brand’s reputation with our high-quality apps!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Mobile Solutions

Q: What is the target audience for your mobile solutions?

A: Our service is in high demand among owners of online services, online stores, and other websites looking to make a splash in the mobile marketplace.

Q: Can you develop a mobile application for a specific purpose?

A: We are experienced in tailoring specific solutions for our clients’ needs. Send us your idea and we’ll reply with an expert assessment on the viability of the project.

Q: What stages are included in the development process?

A: Mobile development begins with substantial research into the project, the competitive environment, and the technical demands of creating the application. The design stage involves the selection of graphic and structural elements, and the construction of the app is completed with comprehensive testing. The last stage is placement of the app in relevant mobile shops.

Q: What materials are to be provided by the customer?

A: We advise clients to submit as much information as possible on the brand, target audience, and competitors to help inform the creative process. If adapting an existing website for mobile devices, we require maximum information on the initial site.

Q: What is the cost of mobile development?

A: Because of the high variability in complexity with mobile products, we do not use a fixed rate program. Our specialists will carry out a detailed assessment of the project and offer an accurate rate quote before undertaking any development. We offer flexible rates and discounts for high-volume orders to meet any budget.

Q: Why should I use Mediaplans?

A: Our development team is focused on three goals: meeting the technical demands of your project with high efficiency, maintaining strict adherence to procedural policy to avoid mistakes, and full transparency throughout the process for client satisfaction. We guarantee your satisfaction with the final product.

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