Mobile Application Design

Mobile Application Design

Functional, intuitive and beautiful applications boost business growth by enriching the customer’s life with vivid, useful resources.

Mobile application design is a fast-developing field that enables companies to draw significant income from the mobile technology boom. Application development is an efficient tool to capture new audiences and create new services.

  • iOS Applications

    iOS application design is aimed at high-states Apple products. The development of products for these platforms requires an absolute sense of style and incredible attention to detail. Our iOS applications fit in perfectly with the iconic Apple programs.

  • Android Applications

    Android application design involves high demands for compatibility with the tablets and smartphones of various manufacturers. We create functional, attractive Android applications that work effectively on both flagship and budget devices.

  • Game and Entertainment Applications

    The creation of game and entertainment applications depends primarily on the creation of an exciting atmosphere. For this task, designers must work at a high level with advanced imagination and creativity. We create exceptional apps with vivid designs, inspiring repeated usage from satisfied customers.

  • User Interfaces

    The design of mobile app interfaces is a key factor in determining their rating and popularity with users. Our applications offer attractive appearance, intuitive control system, and immediate user response regardless of the device type or brand.

Create Lasting Impressions

The secret of mobile app success is not a user-friendly interface or versatility, rather, the secret is to create an iconic application that is attractive to users around the world. The high level of excellence and imagination in our mobile apps make the world a more marvelous place.



A mobile application should by stylish, ergonomic and functional. Our team creates memorable designs that are compatible with any mobile device on iOS or Android.



In order to match the application with the client’s goals, we carefully analyze the project or company to define its target audience. Based on the data obtained, we develop a colorful style and original concept to gain a positive emotional response.



Applications designed by the Mediaplans team receive consistent favorable feedback from users and high ratings in popular app stores.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Mobile Application Design

Q: What is the target audience of your mobile application design service?

A: Our service is aimed at both offline business owners who want to provide their clients with modern tools and companies creating projects from the ground up. We create designs for various industries ranging from mobile games and media services to dedicated online tools and corporate utilities.

Q: What are the stages involved in mobile application design?

A: We begin the design of mobile applications with general goal setting and strategizing. This is followed by the creation of a prototype which consists of the selection of graphical elements and various layouts. In the final stage, our designers finish the app design based on the approved layout.

Q: What materials are needed to develop an application design?

A: In order to create an application perfectly tailored to your needs, we require as much information as possible on your brand style and philosophy. In addition, examples of existing applications that you like would be helpful in producing a product that you’ll enjoy.

Q: What is the cost of mobile app design development?

A: The cost of mobile app development depends on a number of factors including the type of application being designed, the complexity of its structure, the number of supporting platforms, and others. Various rate plans allow you to choose the optimal solution for your budget.

Q: Why should I use Mediaplans?

A: Our designers’ high skill and extensive experience enables us to gurantee the superior quality of a final product. We believe that mobile app development is an art form and we are committed to reaching new heights with innovation and creativity.

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