Graphic Design

Graphic Design

An attractive, comfortable and balanced visual environment builds credibility with your audience and increases brand value.

Design is necessary for the establishment of a direct emotional and aesthetic communication with the user. Graphic design solves two main tasks: it creates the symbolic image of a product or service and improves relations with customers through a virtual interface.

  • Interface Design

    Interface design provides a comfortable interactive environment where any user will feel confident and comfortable. An ergonomic interface for a website or mobile application increases significantly its attractiveness for users.

  • Animation

    Animation is an efficient tool for attracting the attention of users, stimulating buying activity and optimizing the user interface. The appropriate use of dynamic elements makes web design modern and attractive.

  • Illustrations

    Illustrations bring even the most complicated ideas to the user’s attention with bright and easy-to-remember images. Moreover, stylish images can make your advertising campaign special and efficient due to their concentrated emotional impact.

  • Game Design

    The main parameters of successful game design are an attractive style, user-friendly interface, and exciting game play. We create first-class games for all leading mobile platforms, providing a stable source of income to brand owners.

  • Iconography

    The design of icons requires a specific set of skills in making a compact graphic appear distinct and attractive. Beautiful icons offer some of the most efficient screen real estate and attract users from all backgrounds.

  • Infographics

    Carefully-designed infographics present large arrays of data in clearly-arranged graphs, diagrams, and schemes to facilitate understanding by the end user. Our graphic design team has solid experience in the development of infographics so that your finished product combines visibility, creativity and information in a complete package.

Creative Approach and Development Strategies

Relying upon thorough practical knowledge and extensive experience, our designers start their work from scratch in search of a unique style and original ideas. Our team is always up-to-date on the latest design trends and offers our customers innovative solutions.



Compelling graphic design attracts the attention of your customers with the help of vivid visual elements and a welcoming environment.



While starting the development of a project’s visual concept, we study its specific features, target audience, and presentation tools to create the most suitable graphic strategy. We combine technological precision with boundless creativity.



The visual environment is the main method of influence upon brand perception. In industry competition, vivid and original design provides a competitive advantage to companies who invest in graphic creativity. We know how to provide you with an income-generating design.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Graphic Design

Q: What is a graphic design and why is it necessary?

A: The main task of graphic design is to give a visual representation of different ideas. Graphic design allows companies to promote products and brands by means of creating easy-to-remember images that stimulate buying activity.

Q: How is the target audience of a product determined?

A: To determine the target audience of a product, we perform detailed analysis of the market segment and define the profile of the assumed users. Based off the results of the analysis, we offer to the client various design options oriented towards the target audience.

Q: How is the work of your designers organized?

A: Any graphic design project consists of many stages including concept development, choosing colors and graphic elements, and more. The development process is completely transparent, allowing the customer to offer input on all stages and participate in key decisions.

Q: What materials are required from the client for design development?

A: To successfully implement a design project, our team needs to understand specific features of the company and the products offered. Links to resources of direct competitors and examples of your preferred design will also be of significant help. Any corporate manual of visual standards will provide a framework for our design and accelerate development.

Q: What is the approximate cost of design services?

A: We assess each project on an individual basis, taking into account the tasks involved and the budgetary restrictions of the company. Our flexible payment system allows a company to select the most suitable solution for their budget. In the case of large-scale orders or repeat business, discounts are applied.

Q: Why should I use Mediaplans?

A: We have completed a number of successful design projects, which now serve as references for our experience and competence level. In our activities we are oriented towards the customer’s needs and provide only high-quality results.

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