Webpage design for State Revenue Service of Latvia

Webpage design for State Revenue Service of Latvia

The State Revenue Service of Latvia entrusted to us a demanding project for the creation of a modern and multi-functional website. The main goal of this project was to facilitate access to required information for businessmen and individuals while providing fast communication between residents and executive authorities.

Convenient Interface

The client’s main demands were high information capacity along with improved interactivity and user-friendliness. The site’s target audience comprises users of various social groups, which is why the focus during development was on creating a simple, intuitive interface.

Elaborated Navigation

During development, special attention was paid to the creation of a system for interaction with users by means of intuitive navigation. The site includes pages and blocks with dynamic content that may change according to user needs. The resource has special options for users with vision disorders to facilitate their access to required information.


Adaptive Design

Adaptive design makes the site compatible with a wide range of devices. Its design automatically adjusts for both large PC monitors and small tablet displays. The user interface is designed for various input methods and supports interaction with the sensor displays of different brands.


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