We have designed Practican, an online HR service, to assist young professionals in gaining employment with the best global companies. Our responsive design contributed to the popularity of Practican; it has been reviewed favorably by a wide range of users. The website is optimized for all major platforms and devices including smartphones and tablets of top brands.

User-Friendly Interface

The key factor for a successful internet project is an intuitive user interface. While developing the design concept, we were oriented towards the needs of the website’s target audience. Our major objective was a convenient interface providing quick access to useful information.

Individual style

A useful internet service raises its profile if it has an attractive appearance. The continuity in Practican’s style evokes associations of dynamic development and unlimited possibilities. The balanced combination of background and content motivates visitors to become participants.

64 Screens
2 Iterations
420 Hours

Practican is a next-gen online service giving young professionals the chance to find an interesting job in any location. We are proud that our expertise and knowledge helped to transform this idea into a truly popular project.

Janis Logins
Janis Logins
CEO Practican

Our career portal, prakse.lv, is the largest of its kind in Latvia. To create an international version, practican.com, we entrusted the job to Mediaplans. We loved their style: clear, modern, functional designs that are user-friendly. They have experience in creating global products that appeal to users from all backgrounds. Mediaplans not only implemented our ideas, but added their own value as well. We highly recommend Mediaplans for any international media project.

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